Saturday, July 9, 2011

BTS: Makison Spa’s photoshoot

Hey everyone,, lovely rainy afternoon isn’t it?.. I just wanna sleep all day and have hot soup!

Ok, so as promised in my first blog entry last May, here are the photos of my Japanese client. I did her make up 4 times in the month of May, and last month she also hired me to do the their model’s make up for their photoshoot. I thought I had to do only 1 model’s hair and make up, but I ended up doing 4 clients in just 3 and half hours, with only 1 set of make up brushes and one palette, good thing I had my ELF tinted moisturizer in a dark shade that I was able to mix colors of foundation for the other 3 models and a box of flirty lashes which I always have in my kit.

Ms. Kayoko asked me to do party looks for her models and a no-make-up make up look on her. Here are the behind the scene shots from the photoshoot done at Makison Resort and Spa.

No-make-up make up look on Ms.Kayoko

Indoor shot

Gold and brown light smokey for Ms. Lyn

Green smokey for the Ms. Imee

Purple smokey eyes for the Ms. Michelle

I can’t remember exactly what colors I used but I had my coastal scents shimmer palette with me that time and my DIY lip pallete in PINKS.

more posts to come ^^

kisses dandas



  1. Kayoko-san looks so pretty in plain black. And the other 3 clients look like sisters, aren't they?^^

  2. wow jae! you're so great! i envy you! i want to learn also how to put make up. well i guess that's a gift! and u are gifted girl! hahahaha!so talented.. wish i was there. wana experience to be a model kahit 1 day~!. chos! haha!:)) wag mo ko follow. super old na ng blogspot account ko na toh. haha. mwah!

  3. @linientlover-thanks, and no they aren't.. ^^

    @tutubina.. kala ko kung cno... hahaha.. loka I'll follow u,, follow mo q,,

  4. ang ganda nung purple eye makeup ate!! :)) I hope naalala mo pa ako, we met nung meet and greet ng dollface girls.. heheh god bless po! <3