Saturday, July 9, 2011

BTS: Makison Spa’s photoshoot

Hey everyone,, lovely rainy afternoon isn’t it?.. I just wanna sleep all day and have hot soup!

Ok, so as promised in my first blog entry last May, here are the photos of my Japanese client. I did her make up 4 times in the month of May, and last month she also hired me to do the their model’s make up for their photoshoot. I thought I had to do only 1 model’s hair and make up, but I ended up doing 4 clients in just 3 and half hours, with only 1 set of make up brushes and one palette, good thing I had my ELF tinted moisturizer in a dark shade that I was able to mix colors of foundation for the other 3 models and a box of flirty lashes which I always have in my kit.

Ms. Kayoko asked me to do party looks for her models and a no-make-up make up look on her. Here are the behind the scene shots from the photoshoot done at Makison Resort and Spa.

No-make-up make up look on Ms.Kayoko

Indoor shot

Gold and brown light smokey for Ms. Lyn

Green smokey for the Ms. Imee

Purple smokey eyes for the Ms. Michelle

I can’t remember exactly what colors I used but I had my coastal scents shimmer palette with me that time and my DIY lip pallete in PINKS.

more posts to come ^^

kisses dandas


Thursday, May 19, 2011

How I hate cleaning after a gig T_T

hey there, hi there, ho there! hehe... fave greeting from a charact
er in THATS 70'S u doin girls?,,, me? tired and still sleepy though I was able to go home early yesterday after a long day.BF and I went grocery shopping last night after watching BF's friends playing basketball. It was fun w
atching them and go crazy, they were barefooted which was the real challenge in the game. Imagine running around the court in a hot afternoon. Losers were slapped, which was also very hilarious! ^^

ok, I'm totally out of the topic again,, so I bought a
few toiletries from yesterdays pay, I was running out of my NEW favorite soap and make up wipes so I went and bought some. ( I'll give u a peek of them on the next post).I got paid by doing a simple make up on my favorite Japanese client. Yes she is Japanese and has a beautiful skin. She's been my cli
ent since December last year and almost every month she needs my service. Since shes been my client for a while now,, I already know what look
and products she likes so I just had to carry a tiny traincase with me
yesterday. I love my pro stackable traincase but its too big and heavy for just one client.The make up case I brought yesterday is my trustee
traincase given to me by BF 2 years ago. the exterior is sturdy and silver chick for only p300.00.

see how small it is?

(it was more organized yesterday)

I didn't have a hard time packing things
but as usual its always a prick re arranging things after the gig. Its what I hate the most! I love packing my traincases for clients and the work itself, but I really hate it when the job is done and all that its left for u to do is pack up your work station. Is it just me?.. I always make a list of the product I bring because you'll never know, u might forget or loose something after the gig. I chec
k the list before and after the gig and I always loose something,, urrgghh.. especially on my sister's wedding last May 1st , I did 7 girls and lost 7 items, not worth of what I got paid for no!

yesterday though, I only lost a wedge spong
e.. I'm gonna dispose it anyway so I was cool with it.
here's the pics of the products from yesterday's gig. ( wasn't able to take a pic of the client)

  • brush roll
  • hair iron
  • small hairspray bottle
  • water spray bottle
  • sponges
  • Clinique dramatically diff moisturizer
  • fine tooth parting comb

  • Etude house coffee brown e/s pot
  • Etude house creamy white e/s pot
  • Mac satin e/s in Fake
  • Maybelline eyestudio gel liner in black
  • Aido eyelash adhesive
  • dirty/used wedge sponge
  • dirty/used pinky puff
  • Etude house mascara guard
  • Elf concealer and highlight duo
  • 2 Maybelline mascaras (volum express hypercurl and full and soft)
  • Careline lipgloss in 04
  • 2 hair clips
  • cotton buds (housed in a mint can)
  • The Face shop corner eyelashes
  • Maybelline clearsmooth minerals foundation in Rose white
  • Maybelline BB cream
  • hand sanitizer
  • alcohol spray bottle
  • empty box of natural eyelash from hortaleza
  • Revlon colorstay e/l in brown
  • Revlon colorstay e/l in black
  • Revlon matte e/l in white
  • Nyx l/l in nude beige
  • Etude house easy brow pencil in dark brown
  • Etude house easy brow pencil in dark gray
  • DIY l/s palette (pinks)
  • DIY l/s palette (nudes/browns)
  • Mac msfn in medium
  • Mac msfn in light
  • EB powder blush in honest
  • Canmake powder blush
  • Nyx blush in taupe
  • Colour collection cake liner duo in brown/black

so yeah, pack up time is always a fail. I dont why I'm like this but I'm just so lazy, its like when you are cleaning your house then you have snacks and after your meal you get too lazy or sleepy to finish what you started. its totally like that. hahaha.. my laziness is the reason why my desk is cluttered everytime I do my own make up, or for what its worth its always been messy here... hehehe.. messy cluttered not messy dirty ok girls.. hahaha..

anyways, I hope u have a happy weekend girls.. see you again on the next post. next week maybe..

kisses dandas