Monday, February 13, 2012


A very interesting thing happened to me while I'm on a meeting with a client this afternoon
phone rings....
me:hello? hus this?

HI, this is DJ Johnny Mo of 107.5 Win Radio Manila ............................................(and the rest is history)
then I went blank and started screaming at him...WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

I won 2 tickets for the MAMA MIA play tomorrow!

this is so surreal! its like 1 of my fave movie of all time!!!!!

what a great VALENTINE's Gift! thank you so much WIN RADIO!!!!!

---thats my facebook stat and I know.. yey! its so cool... though
I won't be able to watch that amazing play with the bf, I'm still exhilarated because of the f

act that its my first win this year, and yet its still my first contest... OK,OK.. you must be wondering how and why I won huh?...simple,,

one cold night (actually it was I think 3am) I was lying in bed deleting unnecessary inbox and sent sms, when I heard the infomercial from the local radio station, (I used to hate music playing in my background while trying to sleep, coz I can't help singing in my head) informing people about their valentines giveaway special, just send in your sweet pick up lines (its a filipino tag that's been goin on these days) and they'll pick the sweetest pick up lines and they'll have the chance to win a bouquet of flowers and trip for 2 to cebu and many other prices.... WOW right?... this radio station has only been on air for almost a year I think, its fairly new but they have the funniest jokes and djs.. I know I sound so probinsyana (province naive girl) but I kinda learn to like them... ahahahha... the play random pop songs and backtracks, I guess thats the reason why I listen to them at then I sent in my original pick up lines, which suddenly popped in my head,, I didn't know I have it me,,, ahhhahha,,, and I guess they loved my entry,,, so they called and I like a crazy fa
n girl shouting WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!,,, hahahha,,,, unfortunately when I asked them about the trip for 2 to cebu, they said the had a change of plan and there wont be any trip to cebu , so instead they are giving away free tickets to a play... not just a play,, to MAMA MIA!

exactly my face until now,,, ^^

anyhoo, I'll be on a date tomorrow with my bff, and I'm crossing my fingers for some haul and surprises from the bf as well,, ahahhaha,,, ohhh,,,I really have to get my beauty sleep now,,, but before that,,, on another note,, since I'm still feeling lucky because of my recent win, I thought I could share to you another giveaway I came across with,,, and this is gonna be the
greatest post vday gift I could ever have! I hope I win Kristel's,,, ^^ if not,, I'm fine... not winning won't spoil my week... ^^

ahhh.. its almost 3am,, I have to sleep now,, wish me luck and nyti,,, see you soon..